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お名前・ご住所・年齢・メールアドレス・電話番号・レッスン希望日、お時間 を明記してください。

Online lesson applicant

Please send from the transmission form below this page.

Please specify your name,address, age, email address, phone number, desired lesson date, and time.





新しい楽器パチカを全国に普及させて行くことを第一に考え、各店舗様・個人様に向けてパチカの卸販売をしております。ご注文の数(最低ロット 12セット〜)により、お値段は変動させて頂いておりますが、お求めやすい価格でご提供させて頂きます。

◎If you have any questions or concerns about Patica, please give us messages◎

<Requests such as patica workshops>                   

Please send us your patica workshop requests.
ex) Please use the patica workshops for company training, school education institutions, and other events.

<About patica wholesale sales>                                                            

Considering the prevalence of new musical instrument patica nationwide, we sell patica wholesale to stores and individuals. Depending on the number of orders (minimum lot 24 sets ~), the price may vary, but we will provide it at an affordable price.